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Hic’juice 1-Day Reboot Juice Cleanse 
Read more about my experience here.
I received a total of 6 x 500ml bottles of cold-pressed juice. These are consumed in order. I started the day off with a glass of lemon water before the first juice.
Popeye Smoothie:
This is aptly named the popeye smoothie because it contains spinach in it. But not to worry! I couldn’t taste any hint of spinach even if I tried. This juice is quite palatable. It is the only juice along with the nut milk to contain some bits of pulp. It was quite easy to drink and a good start to the juice cleanse.
It is also not very sweet, quite mild tasting. I doubt anyone will have trouble finishing this.
 4 Carats
This was one of my favorites out of the 6 bottles. It was sweeter than the popeye smoothie, and it was good to know that the sweetness was probably from the carrots and the apples. The taste of carrots will hit you first, followed by this strange aftertaste, I think from the celery and cucumber. But not to worry, it isn’t repulsive at all, just a taste I never tried before. I finished this juice with ease and there was no pulp at all. It was a very smooth sweet tasting juice that I would want seconds of! I could clearly see why this would be one of hic’juice popular juices.
Cool as a….
Now now, despite it’s name, I don’t think you’re cool at all. I had some trouble downing this juice. Also probably by this time, I was craving for a hot soup or something because I have been drinking cold juices all morning. It has the same taste as the aftertaste described in 4 carats. But the difference was that, in 4 carats, it was very mild but in this juice, it’s the full-blown version. It was slightly sour with a hint of sweetness. But I managed to finish this off eventually. Again, no pulp at all. 
Lemon ‘n’ Spice.
I never had a spicy drink in my life before, so this was an interesting experience. I had read about it being of the juices that most dislike, so I abit scared to try it, tbh. However, it was better than expected. If I had to describe it, I would say it’s a sour apple juice with a spicy kick at the end. The spiciness only kick in at the end of each sip and does not last very long. You could taste the fragrance of apple juice though. It wasn’t that bad afterall, although it does take some getting used to. 
Achievement Unlocked: Trying a spicy drink! Yay!
Kale Tales
This has totally got to be my absolute favorite juice of the pack! Out of the reviews I read, I heard horror stories of people facing trouble with the green juices, but I tell you right now, those stories are unfounded for this little gem. 
First off, I am sure most of you are already aware of Kale being a superfood, right? For those who are able to secure Kale easily, lucky you! But not the case over here, in Singapore, it is so hard to secure kale, it is only available at the higher end supermarkets like the one at ion basement. But for like about 6 leaves, it costs $5.99. Like what? And it’s also not available all the time too. So I was really excited to try a kale juice!
It was wayyyy better than expected, it tastes like a mild cucumber juice that has natural sweetness (although for sweetness, 4 carats takes the cake — Sorry no cake here, only juice :X). Very easy to drink, and along with the feeling that you are providing so much nutrients in one go. I would definitely repurchase this in future.
Nut Milk.
The highly raved nut milk that everyone loves. It was the other juice that has some bits of nut pulp in it that was super fun to chew. It was lighter in taste than expected, I was expecting more of a nuttier taste. However, since it’s the drink before you sleep, I could understand why it was milder-tasting. You can still taste the hint of nuttiness from the almonds and cashew nuts (my fav nuts!), along with the vanilla in the milk. It was pleasant & fun to drink and I could see why people went nuts (pun intended) over this. 
Overall: I had a pleasant time drinking the juices, although some struggles *looking at you, cool as a…*,. If I had a choice to repurchase them in future, I would go for Nut Milk, Kale Tales and 4 Carats.
Visit Hic’juice to find out more about juice cleanse and get your juices! 
Disclaimer: The juices were sponsored by hic’juice for a review.

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